Preventive Maintenance

Your car has a lot of responsibilities. It takes you to work, kids to school and can’t be late for baseball practice. Most importantly, it has to do all these things, and many more while keeping you and your family safe. At Hughes Automotive, we’re committed to maintaining the safety and reliability of your car. Our mechanics are trained to perform factory-recommended maintenance services.




Oil Changes

Engines are tough on oil. Friction, intense heat and contaminants eventually cause the oil to lose its ability to lubricate, cool and flow freely.  Scheduling your oil changes as specified by your manufacturer is an easy and affordable way to protect your investment.

Oil & Lube Warning Signs

  • You notice leaks/puddles under your car
  • Dip Stick inspection shows oil or fluid loss soon after adding oil or fluids
  • Your oil pressure light comes on, flickers or stays on


Car Battery Installation

The battery is one of the most important parts of your vehicle.  After all, if it fails, so does everything else.  Stay in charge with proper battery maintenance and replacement.

Electrical System Warning Signs

  • Your engine doesn’t crank or cranks slowly
  • You have to jump start your vehicle to get it running
  • Your dashboard warning light stays on even when the engine is running


Fluid Change Services

A number of your vehicle’s key functions rely on various fluids to keep them operating smoothly. Maintaining proper levels and replacing depleted fluids is essential to performance and safety.

Fluid Leak Warning Signs

  • Fluid stains in your driveway or parking spot
  • Frequent top offs required
  • Dashboard warning light comes on


Fuel System Cleaning Services

Removing the buildup of dirt and particles in your fuel system will help restore and improve your vehicle’s performance and reduce emissions.  In addition, a fuel injector service will also help improve your gas mileage and overall drivability.

Engine Performance Warning Signs

  • You lose power
  • Your gas mileage drops
  • Your engine “knocks” when it accelerates